Hey there! I’m Mubarak Marafa, a Nigerian Interaction Designer from Hong Kong. I’ve got a Masters in Design for Interaction Design and studied Creative Media.

Here are some buzzwords that define me:

Design Thinking, User Centric Design, Empathetic Design, Stories, Design Collaboration, Design+Code, Front-End Web Development, 3D Graphics, Motion Graphics, Animation, Maker, Quick Study, Passionate, Team Player, Communicator, Adaptive, Play, Fun, ...Lots of Fun

i design

I am a Designer with user needs at the center of my focus. Empathy is important to me and this reflects in my design thinking. I’m a wizard with a white board and exercise a holistic approach to my design process, from research to paper prototypes and mockups, to coded high fidelity prototypes.

i code

Due to my background in Critical Intermedia Labs during my years in Creative Media, I am indeed proficient in coding (HTML5 / CSS3 / JavaScript, Python). These were mostly self-taught during projects that I needed them in. It doesn't stop, I’m constantly leveling up my skills as both a programmer and a designer. Being a quick study comes in handy when I need to learn a new tool for a project.

i make

From a young age, I’ve always loved pulling apart my toys and putting them back together again. I have built rapid prototypes with 3D printing and know how to work with Arduino and Raspberry Pi (I can solder like nobodies business). These have been reflected in the projects I’ve worked on in the past.

Check out this short video of me talking about things that matter to me.

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