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an application that connects users to each other so that they will be able to exchange knowledge, as currency.

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a conceptual system designed to add value to the time spent waiting in lines by making it worth something.

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A proposal for changing the common perception of recyclables as something that is unwanted to something that is of value.

Shattered Communities,

a collaborative effort with a large team to alter the way people pass through the lobby of the Jockey Club Innovation Tower -Hadid.

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Auroral Spectrum,

an immersive 3D visualisation that compares the most light polluted place on earth with the least.

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and the Solotouch,

an instrument combining an intuitive hardware controller with intelligent software to allow anyone play rocking guitar solos without any musical training.

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A concept for a smartphone designed for the elderly, featuring large buttons that are screens, and a natural durable wooden enclusure.

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A 2D to 3D Character Design practice... Really I just wanted to try my hand at 3D Character modelling and rendering. I also gained a new appreciation for animation and how difficult it is!

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VR Dreaming

I've currently got my head in the clouds, building a project that came to me in a daydream.

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When Designers Jam

48 hours. 48 hours to build a service. 48 hours to build a service that could potentially change the world. That’s, in a nutshell, what I walked in on last weekend. Just kidding. I bought a ticket. This was going to be my first ever design jam... Click for more.

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